Soundminer HD Plus for Windows

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Soundminer HD Plus steps up the already jam packed features of the HD Basic Edition to include specialized support for AVID Media Composer, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Pyramix and much more....

Soundminer HD PLUS requires Windows 7 or higher(Windows 10 Compatible) and a HASP HL USB key (not included) or ILOK key (not included).

Soundminer HD PLUS includes all the features of HD Basic and adds the following features:

  • Support for Pro Tools 8/9 Spot to Timeline support.
  • Support for AVID Media Composer.  Transfers dragged into the current Avid Bin get auto enriched with critical metadata. Another Soundminer first!
  • Support for Final Cut Pro - drag to the timeline or batch transfer right into your Project complete with metadata. Another Soundminer first!
  • Support for Logic 9, Soundtrack Pro, and Pyramix for Spot to Timeline.
  • Advanced Transfer Settings with user definable handles, sum to mono, remove illegal characters, Spot as Region and more.
  • Advanced Support for Cubase/Nuendo 5 for spot to timeline.
  • Multiple Database support - make as many as you want and have them instantly available. 
  • Project Pane with unlimited folder hierarchy.  Organize your files just the way you want!
  • Supports Batch Transfers from Transfer history pane as well as Browser and Project windows
  • Powerful Copy and Convert engine  incorporates the industry's best 64-bit sample rate converter...iZotope's SRC™ - transfer speeds more than double in HD Plus.
  • Modify and Embed metadata to your files for all available fields!
  • Metadata field assign feature - quickly assign metadata from existing content to new or other files in your database.
  • Pitch Control on playback and transfers with advanced Music Keyboard control
  • Advanced File re-naming included.

HD Basic features include:

  • Includes our advanced super fast robust V4 Search engine with support for boolean operators as well as alternative search options.  
  • Imports and reads - V4 metadata, id3 metadata, V3 metadata and Broadcast Wave BEXT data.
  • Large  multi-channel waveform overview with ability to resize. 
  • New LaunchPad™ - 3D graphical search interface. Another Soundminer first!
  • Mark files as you audition and return them with one key!
  • Simple to use new GUI and Toolbar with everything only one touch away.
  • Detail Info pane with Live Link Searching and Artwork support.
  • Direct live search in Metadata pane
  • 2  Database that can be optimized for Music and Sound Effects.
  • Import v4 databases
  • Import iTunes library and playlists.
  • Live Filter Searching - instantly refine your results without entering a single keyword!
  • Play History - Keeps track of everything you audition.
  • Includes the V4 BACK and LOCK features.
  • New Lyric Search feature.
  • Support for different Sound Output Devices
  • ‘Library’ weighting.  Your favourites come up first!
  • Intelligent Drag and drop a file from the interface to any application that supports it - ie.  Pro Tools, Nuendo, Final Cut, Reaper, Digital Performer, Sony Vegas, Sound Forge, Abelton Live, etc.
  • High Quality conversion engine for single transfers.  Transfer directory can be specified, with conversions in both 16 bit or 24 bit up to 48khz included.
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