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Sound Particles is something completely different from any other audio software that exists today. It’s like a CGI software (e.g. Maya or Blender), but for sound, capable of reproducing thousands of sound sources spread over a 3D space. 

Imagine a virtual 3D world, void. Now, imagine that you add sound sources (particles) that reproduce sound (each point on the image is a sound source). Finally, add one or more microphones to be able to capture the overall sound of that world. 

But Sound Particles even has a very special feature – particle systems – a technique that is widely used on computer graphics to recreate fuzzy/shapeless objects like fire, rain, smoke, dust. Instead of animating individual objects, CGI professionals use particle systems, a software component that creates and manages thousands of objects. 

For instance, create 1000 particles (sound sources), spread over a sphere with 50 meters, with random movements, reproducing some audio files that you have chosen from your sound library, and capture everything with a virtual 5.1 microphone. 

Can you feel your creativity sparkling? Welcome to the world of Sound Particles.

Main Features:

  • Huge Sound - Up to millions of sound sources playing at the same time.
  • Immersive Formats - Support for several multichannel formats, including immersive audio.
  • Audio Modifiers - Use random effects to make sure each particle sounds different from any other particle (gain, delay, EQ, pitch/speed, granular).
  • Movement - Use automation or movement modifiers to move sound sources and microphones.
  • Video - Import reference clips and see the particles moving on top of the image, obtaining a perfect time and space coherence.
  • Sound Propagation - Control the propagation of air (speed of sound, air attenuation, Doppler).
  • 3D Views - See what is happening, using the fantastic 3D views (top, front, perspective, etc.).
  • Granular Synthesis -Use our optional granular audio modifier, and use particles to reproduce small audio fragments of original audio files.

The Battlefield example
Imagine that you want to create the sound of a battlefield with Sound Particles. You could create 10.000 particles (sound sources), spread over a square mile, pick 50 war-related sounds from your sound library and render the entire scene with a virtual microphone (5.1, Dolby Atmos 9.1 bed, etc.). 

Each particle would randomly select of your war-related sounds for reproduction, which means that some particles would reproduce the 1st audio files, other particles would reproduce the 2nd audio files, and so on. Also, each particle (sound source) would be positioned randomly on a square with a length of 1 mile. 
To obtain more interesting results, movement modifiers and audio modifiers could be added to the particles. Movement modifiers add movement to the particles. Audio modifiers apply random audio effects to each particle, ranging from simple things like random gains and delays, to more complex effects like random EQ or time/pitch variations. 

The virtual microphone will be responsible for capturing the virtual sound of the scene. Based on the position of the microphone, its direction and the position of all particles, the sound of all particles is captured, taking into consideration things like propagation attenuation, speed of sound, Doppler effect, etc.. Since the software has detailed information about everything, the microphone can capture the sound for different formats, ranging from mono or stereo, to 5.1 or even immersive formats.

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