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Start composing with Sibelius | First

Whether you’re new to music notation or composing for fun, Sibelius | First guides you through the entire score creation process. Sharpen and elevate your music writing skills. Create beautifully rendered sheet music. And get your compositions heard by sharing your scores with the world.


Use the tools of top composers

Sibelius | First offers many of the same unique tools and features award-winning composers use to create your favorite film and television scores, musical works, and sheet music. All for free. And all built on the same engine as the world’s best-selling music notation software.


Collaborate with others

With Sibelius | Cloud Sharing, it’s easy to share compositions online for easy collaboration, review, and promotion. Invite others to view, play, and add comments to your score using any computer or mobile device. And any Sibelius user can edit and fine-tune scores too. It’s ideal for reviewing musical works in the studio, the classroom, or on a sound stage.


Take your score writing further

Professional composers, arrangers, engravers, and music publishers have made Sibelius the #1 notation software worldwide. With Sibelius | First, you can learn the tools, develop the chops, and open the door to a career in music scoring and performance. All it takes is a free download and a spark of inspiration.


Spark ideas with loop playback

When writing music, sometimes the best way to come up with parts is to have a section of your music play on repeat and then experiment with different melody lines, riffs, and chords. Sibelius now enables you to select a section of music to loop and then explore the possibilities during playback before committing them to your score. You can also slow down the tempo as needed during loop playback for easier rehearsal and lesson practice—ideal for students and teachers.


Navigate scores more easily

With new Go to Bar and Go to Page commands, you can have Sibelius jump to your specified section and immediately start playback without requiring an extra step. You can also move the playback line by simply clicking anywhere in the timeline to have playback immediately start from that point—ideal for quickly hearing and comparing parts to keep your music writing and arranging momentum flowing.


Write music with ease

With the Score Starter, which provides genre-specific templates, and task-based interface guiding you through the entire process, you can create compositions with up to four instrument parts (staves) quickly. Choose from a variety of popular instruments and enter notes from the notation, keyboard, or fretboard windows. Or play them from your MIDI or computer keyboard.


Create beautiful scores fast

With a complete upgrade of its underlying infrastructure, Sibelius | First lets you spend more time writing music than fixing it. Magnetic Layout takes care of all the note arrangement, orientation, and rest details for you. And Dynamic Parts can automatically create and update instrumental parts whenever you change your score.


Build up your composition

Your score can be more than just notes. Add chord symbols and guitar chord diagrams by simply playing a chord on your MIDI keyboard. Turn notation into guitar tab and back again. And easily add lyrics, titles, and other text to round out your score.


Share your work

Whether you’re fishing for feedback or want to showcase your work, Sibelius | Cloud Sharing makes things easy. Share up to 10 scores privately online—or publicly on your website or social media—and invite others to view, play, and comment directly on your music using any computer or mobile device. Want to share more? Get an Avid Premium Cloud Plan.


Connect with the community

Looking to collaborate, find scoring opportunities, or get feedback on your work? With the free Avid Link app, you can connect with other composers, artists, and media professionals online, promote your scores and skills, and expand your creative possibilities further. You can even sync your Sibelius | Cloud Sharing scores with your Avid Link and Artist Community portfolio.


Collaborate with anyone

View, play, edit, transpose, annotate, and comment directly on scores sent from others—whether they’re using a version of Sibelius or different notation software (and sent it to you as a MusicXML file). It’s ideal for musicians, engravers, and publishers who don’t have Sibelius yet, but want to review Sibelius scores.


Go further with Sibelius

Need more instruments and scoring features? Move up to Sibelius, which gives you 4x more instrument parts/staves, a deeper set of notation tools, and a professional-quality 10 GB sound library. Here are some key advantages that Sibelius offers over Sibelius | First:


  • Create richer music compositions with up to 16 instrument parts/staves
  • Hear your scores play using more realistic instrumentation in the 10 GB sound library
  • Compose more sophisticated scores with a deeper set of notation tools and symbols
  • Share up to 20 scores in your own personal cloud space with Sibelius | Cloud Sharing
  • Kickstart your creativity and save ideas in the Ideas Hub
  • Compose music for picture with support for video and hit points
  • Get access to 38 plug-ins that help you edit, arrange, and clean up scores
  • Change up your score’s look and feel with 40 paper and desk textures at your disposal
  • Export your score as an MP3, WAV, AIFF, or video file for easy playback

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