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Pro Tools | First is a free version of industry-standard Pro Tools that enables you to compose,

record, and mix music with many of the same tools used by top artists and studios. It offers a

complete set of audio and MIDI features for easy music creation. And while it’s simple enough for

those new to music recording, enabling you to quickly turn ideas into reality, it also provides more

sophisticated capabilities for the experienced musician who wants to collaborate with Pro Tools

artists, studios, engineers, and producers.

Pro Tools | First offers many of the same core tools as Pro Tools, so you can start off your

musical journey on the right path, then feel right at home when you’re ready to take your music to

the next level with the industry’s most trusted and used audio workstation. Pro Tools | First is also

integrated with the MediaCentral platform, making it easy to collaborate and share your work

across the entire Pro Tools and extended Avid family.

Turn ideas into music

With Pro Tools | First, you can quickly turn the ideas in your head into professional-sounding songs, be heard, and stand out from the crowd. Go from creation to final mix with intuitive recording and music creation tools, including hundreds of virtual instrument sounds, over 3 GB of high-quality loops and samples, and great-sounding effects.

Get the same tools the pros use

Pro Tools | First isn’t a stripped-down application. It’s based on the same music creation and audio production tools that award-winning artists, musicians, producers, engineers, and mixers rely on every day. All built on the rock-solid, great-sounding Pro Tools audio engine. Best of all—it’s free!

Collaborate with others

With Avid Cloud Collaboration now in Pro Tools | First, you can collaborate with Pro Tools and Pro Tools | Ultimate users online. And when you're ready to start your own collaboration project, upgrade to a cloud plan for less than $5 to invite others to work with you. The world is your studio.

Take your music further

Over 70% of all commercial music is produced using Pro Tools. Pro Tools | First opens the door to a career in professional music production. Start learning the essential workflows required to succeed in the industry—for free. Once you know Pro Tools | First, it’s easy to move up to Pro Tools.

Get started quickly

Ready to make music? Choose from a variety of session templates—from rock and pop, to electronica, hip-hop, and jazz—that provide preloaded instrument tracks, so you can start creating right away. Or start from scratch and build your own session. You can even save your favorite track settings as presets to build new sessions on the fly.

Create at the speed of inspiration

Pro Tools | First comes with UVI Workstation, a powerful sample player and multitimbral instrument that makes it fun and easy to create truly unique sounds. It also comes with the Xpand!2 virtual instrument, which offers an incredible range of sounds to make music—from beats and loops, to orchestral instruments, power chords, and more cowbell.

Find the perfect loops and sounds fast

With Soundbase and over 3 GB of high-quality loops, samples, and sound content created by leading producers included, you can find and access fresh sounds and instantly hear how they fit into your tracks. Whether you need a rhythm section, a cool riff, or something to help get you started, you’ve got tons of mini musical works waiting to be discovered.

Record with ease

Ready to record? Just connect a mic or instrument and hit the red button. We recommend using an external audio interface for best results. You can capture individual performances or record up to four inputs at a time—perfect for tracking a vocal and guitar, multiple vocalists, or a live band session. You can even view chord names and notes as you play them to ensure input accuracy.

Capture that perfect take

Nobody’s perfect—that’s why loop recording is a great way to nail that perfect guitar solo or vocal run. Capture multiple takes of a performance—one after the other. Then pick the best take or edit together a flawless performance from multiple ones (what the pros call “comping”). You can also capture MIDI performances retroactively—even if you didn’t hit record.

Fix what’s funky

Pro Tools | First offers world-class editing tools to help you fix mistakes and deliver stellar results. Edit MIDI notes to perfection with just a click and drag. Change the tempo, pitch and fix timing with ease. You can even alter the volume of each note to give your music more dynamics and emotion.

Polish your sound

Pro Tools | First comes with 23 effects and utility plug-ins to get you started. Shape sounds, warm up tone, and give tracks greater presence with EQ and Dynamics. Bring atmosphere to your mix with reverb. Want more? Shop the in-app Marketplace—or get every audio plugin we offer* with the Avid Complete Plugin Bundle.

Make music with anyone, anywhere

With Avid Cloud Collaboration, you can work on projects solo or with others from anywhere—as if you’re all working together in the same studio. Save, sync, and share up to three projects using Avid’s free introductory cloud storage. Or get expanded cloud storage, unlimited projects, local session saving, and the ability to invite others to collaborate with an Avid Premium Cloud Plan, starting at just $4.99/month.

Connect and share your work

As a Pro Tools | First user, you can also connect with other artists, producers, and media professionals looking for music and collaborators in the Avid Artist Community using Avid Link. Simply create your profile, upload your songs, promote yourself to the world, and be heard.

Go further with Pro Tools

Want more tracks, more plugins, and more capabilities? You’ll feel right at home when you step up to industry-standard Pro Tools. In fact, the software is now more accessible than ever. Buy and own the software or a system outright. Or access Pro Tools through a low-cost monthly or annual subscription. The choice is yours—your possibilities are endless.

  • Create big mixes with up to 128 audio tracks, 512 instrument tracks, and 1,024 MIDI tracks
  • Get inspired with over 5 GB of loops, samples, and audio content
  • Create and edit music using notation in the Score Editor
  • Get 80 professional virtual instruments, effects, sound processing, and utility plugins to optimize your sound
  • Work with more advanced features, including VCA Masters, Clip Gain, Beat Detective, and professional metering
  • Explore alternative versions of a song or soundtrack with Project Revisions
  • Work on video projects with the Avid Video Engine, video track, and Timecode Ruler
  • Invite others to collaborate on projects in the cloud
  • Save projects (sessions) locally
  • Take hands-on control of your mixes with support for all EUCON-enabled control surfaces, including Pro Tools | S3, Pro Tools | Dock, Pro Tools | Control, and Artist Mix

* Unlike Pro Tools, Pro Tools | First does not require a physical iLok USB Smart Key to use the software or its included AAX plug-ins. If you’re looking to expand your creative possibilities, there are dozens of additional AAX Native 64-bit virtual instruments, effects, and sound-processing plug-ins available for purchase directly from the Pro Tools | First in-app Marketplace that don’t require an iLok. Please note that you’ll also find many AAX plug-ins available in this Marketplace that do require an iLok—these can also be used with Pro Tools | First, as long as you have or purchase an iLok USB Smart Key to activate them for use.

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