PreSonus Monitor Station v2

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The Monitor Station V2 from PreSonus is the successor of the popular Monitor Station offers many powerful features providing several ways to customize your studio control center. Switch between three pairs of speakers to audition your mixes. The V2 provides 4 headphone outputs with level control that can be routed to tracking musicians while you listen to the main mix in your control room. With its optimized workflow and bright LEDs, PreSonus made the Monitor Station V2 an even better center of your studio.

Manage multiple audio sources and sets of monitor speakers, track using illegally loud headphone amplifiers, and talk back to your drummer—all from your desktop. Switch quickly and easily between up to four audio sources with a selection of input types. Audition your music with your choice of three stereo pairs of speaker outputs, each with separate level control—and four screaming-loud headphone outs. With Monitor Station V2, you can evict the drummer from the main room, banish the guitarist to the bathroom, shove the singer into a closet, and make them like it. The Monitor Station V2 offers powerful options that allow you to configure it for the way you like to work.

The main features of the Monitor Station V2 include:

  • 2 Stereo pairs of 1/4" TRS inputs
  • 1 Stereo pair of RCA Aux inputs
  • 1 Stereo S/PDIF coaxial (RCA) digital input (44.1/48/88.2/96 kHz)
  • 3 Stereo pairs of 1/4" TRS speaker outputs with level controls
  • 1 Stereo pair of 1/4" TRS Main outputs
  • 1 Stereo pair of 1/4" TRS Cue outputs
  • 4 1/4" TRS screaming-loud stereo headphone outputs
  • Large Main level control
  • 3 Individual Main Source (ST1, ST2, Aux) select switches
  • 3 Individual Speaker Select switches
  • Cue section with Source select (ST1, ST2, Aux) and output-level control
  • Aux-S/PDIF Select switch
  • Aux Input level control
  • Main Mute, Mono, and Dim switches with variable Dim attenuation
  • 8-segment color LED input meters with selectable reference level
  • Built-in electret-condenser talkback microphone with input-gain control and Talkback button
  • Convenient desktop design
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Manufacturer SKU Monitor Station
Manufacturer PreSonus
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