PreSonus Eris E66 Studio Monitor

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The Presonus Eris E66 is an active reference studio monitor that features two 6.5-inch woofers for the mid and low tones and a 1.25-inch dome tweeter in between. By positioning the tweeter in between the woofers, you get a broad stereo image and an even larger sweet spot. The symmetrical construction of this monitor makes it suitable for use both horizontally and vertically. It delivers a total of 145 watts, which is divided into 80 watts for the low and 65 for the highs. Although it boasts a maximum SPL of 106 dB, Eris E66 has a nearfield characteristic, so it's unlikely to actually reach that level.

The Eris 66: Transparent Audio
Due to the MTM configuration, the E66's audio remains intact both on and off-axis. This gives you more flexibility in your listening position because the sweet spot is a lot bigger than standard studio monitors. The sound of this active monitor is very transparent. The woofers are made of woven Kevlar, which gives them a stuff character that reacts quickly and accurately to all frequencies. What's more, the way the material has been woven prevents reflections that can sometimes occur on the surface of the woofer. This means the audio will be as close to the original as possible, which is why this is such an outstanding option as a reference monitor. On the rear, you'll find the Acoustic Space function for adjusting the monitor the acoustic properties of the room.

Connections and adjustments
The signal input is located on the rear of the Presonus Eris E66, where you can choose between a balanced XLR, a jack connection or an unbalanced RCA connection. This high-quality Presonus monitor features various security systems that enable you to focus completely on your productions.

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