Nugen Loudness Toolkit 2 - Upgrade from Nugen Loudness Toolkit

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The leading workstation solution for loudness compliant delivery. Everything you need to intuitively produce loudness-normalised audio, seamlessly integrated into your audio production workflow.

With VisLM’s clear loudness metering it’s so easy to mix towards compliance without breaking the creative flow.

With ISL on the master bus you can listen to true-peak compliant audio ‘in-place’, without needing to check louder sections separately for traditional limiter artefacts and true-peak compliance.

"We use NUGEN Audio tools in every mix session across the board. They are fantastic to use and completely do the job."

Daniel Jones | Vaudeville Post
And LM-Correct brings faster than real-time quick-check-and-fix processing to your desk top, with internal true-peak correction if you need it. Two clicks and you’re done.


Key features

  • Industry standard loudness metering
  • Faster than real-time correction
  • Real-time and offline true-peak limiting
  • Intuitive time saving workflow integration
  • mono - 5.1 capable
  • Loudness log profiling


Bundle includes


VisLM 2
ReMEM: Revolutionary
rewritable loudness memory
LM-Correct 2
Unique loudness limiting
Quick one-click fix
New auto-release
Surround linking

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