Littlite L-3/12A GOOSENECK LAMPSET 12 inch, halogen bulb, dimmer, fixed mount, black

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These lamp sets each consists of a surface-mounting base with a gooseneck lamp, either permanently attached or detachable by means of a connector. The bases have a variety of switches and dimmers on the upper surface; goosenecks are offered in a selection of lengths and with a choice of light sources. They provide a surface-mounting solution for localised illumination in theatres, studios, TV galleries and OB trucks.

Gooseneck lengths are 153, 305 and 457mm, (6, 12 and 18 inches). The light source is a choice of either low intensity incandescent bulb, high intensity halogen bulb or energy efficient LED. LED models have a three position switch to select between off or white and red colour output for standard LED models and off and white or blue colour output for LED-BLUE models. Incandescent and halogen lamp sets have a full range dimmer.

The surface-mounting base is a rectangular metal enclosure with a footprint of approximately 75mm x 25mm. Height is approximately 18mm, or 50mm to the top of the dimmer knob, where fitted to the upper surface. By removing two screws from the upper surface, a 'chassis plate' is revealed, which may be fastened to a flat surface by means of fasteners fitted through two screw holes, after which the upper part of the base may be replaced to cover the plate and fasteners. Alternatively the chassis plate may be fixed by to a surface by two machine screws, fitted from the other side of the mounting surface. In some applications, hook and loop style fasteners may prove sufficient. See Littlite Gooseneck Lamps - Mounting hardware for a variety of alternatives, including a magnetic base, clips, clamps and rack adapter.

The gooseneck may be fitted on the 'upper' surface of the base (the surface parallel to the mounting surface), together with dimmer or switch, or on the 'end' of the base (the shortest surface adjacent to the mounting surface). These models listed here all have a 305mm captive lead exiting one 'end' of the base, fitted with a 2.1mm coaxial inlet socket.


  Gooseneck Gooseneck Lamp Control
  position connector type facility
L-1 series: Top BNC Low-intensity Dimmer
L-2 series: Top None (fixed) Low-intensity Dimmer
L-3 series: Top None (fixed) Halogen Dimmer
L-4 series: Top BNC Halogen Dimmer
L-7 series: End None (fixed) Halogen Dimmer
L-7-LED series: End None (fixed) LED Rotary switch
L-8 series: Top TNC Low-intensity Dimmer
L-8-HI series: Top TNC Halogen Dimmer
L-LED series: Top None (fixed) LED Rotary switch

Lamp details

Incandescent lamp: 2.4W nominal; 230mA at 12V. Light output: 22 Lux, at 305mm.
Halogen lamp: 5W nominal; 380mA at 12V. Light output: 237 Lux, at 305mm. Colour temperature: 3000K.
LED array: 1.5W nominal; 150mA at 12V. Light output: 398 Lux, at 305mm. Colour temperature: 4000K. CRI (Colour rendering) 85RA.


All lamp sets are available with either a euro-style, level V compliant, 12V power supply with Shuko connector (denoted with an E in the model number) or without power supply (denoted with an A in the model number). For UK operation a Littlite LPS2-4-UK power supply, 51-838, is required. 

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