Focusrite RedNet R1 Desktop Remote Controller

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Pair with any Focusrite Red interface
RedNet R1 provides deep control over all Focusrite Red interfaces,  so it’s the perfect desktop remote controller for the Red 4Pre,  Red 8Pre, Red 8Line and Red 16Line. All Red interfaces are equipped with Dante®, Pro Tools | HD™ and Thunderbolt™ interface connections, with no need for option cards or upgrades. This phenomenal cross-platform functionality makes RedNet R1, by extension, an immensely powerful  controller that can address audio from a multitude of different sources. Pair with any Focusrite Red

RedNet R1 enables users to interact with their audio system like never before. It provides the flexibility to control a range of different monitor  output setups, ranging from mono through to 7.1.4 surround, including Dolby Atmos and other immersive audio workflows. Alternatively,  completely custom setups of up to 12 outputs can be configured for  bespoke speaker configurations. RedNet R1 can be used to control groups of outputs from a Red interface’s multitude of sources and destinations, including from Pro Tools | HD and other DAWs, analogue inputs and  outputs, ADAT and S/PDIF connections, and from entire Dante audio  ecosystems, simultaneously and interchangeably.

RedNet R1 supports a maximum of eight channels, each of up to 12  sources per channel, from 32 available audio sources, across analogue, digital, DAW and Dante connections. Inputs are mixed and routed to up  to 12 monitor output channels, formatted from mono through to 7.1.4  surround. Top panel control includes level, reference level preset  selection, cut, dim, mute and a variety of solo modes. There’s an A/B switch for switching between numerous monitoring presets, and up  to four fold-down presets allow fast switching for checking downmixes.  Custom cue mixes can be sent to talent from any of the 32 available inputs.

RedNet R1 also features a Dante-enabled talkback section, internal  mic-pre and a high-powered headphones output, so you can interact  with your Audio-over-IP system like never before. Up to four talkback  destination groups are available when used with a Red interface. (When used with other Dante devices, a single talkback group is  available.) RedNet R1 has an internal microphone, or users can  connect their own microphone via the rear-panel XLR. The high-fidelity headphone output can take its source from a multitude of analogue  or digital locations.

RedNet R1 features two LCD displays for highly accurate level metering of the outputs, sources and headphone outputs, and for giving visual cues for navigating around menus. RedNet R1 is configured using RedNet Control, the software manager designed primarily for ease of use in quickly setting up both simple and complex monitoring and routing configurations.Other features include a quarter-inch jack socket, which accepts a footswitch for talkback management, LFE muting and more. RedNet R1 can be powered via Ethernet to reduce cabling complexity (using the PoE standard), or by a DC power supply.

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