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Egret is a highly flexible workstation back end. It contains 8 channels of high quality D/A converters and a stereo line mixer with colour options to help bring analogue summed digital mixes to life.

The stereo mixer has a level control, a cue send, a colour control, and a pan control on each channel. Each channel also contains an analogue / digital source button, and solo - mute buttons. By using the balanced direct outputs and the balanced analogue inputs you can insert analogue processing into individual channels. The built in cue bus with its master level control can be used as an effects send. A balanced stereo effects return is built into the system. The master bus level control, a stepped attenuator, has 1 Db steps for most of its range - this allows for accurate gain control, repeatability, and stereo gain matching to better than .05 db.

The headphone system allows a monitor mix to be created when Egret is being used in multi channel location recording, thus providing fail safe knowledge that all channels being recorded contain proper audio. The D/A converters support sample rates up to 192K and have sample rate converters on each channel for input jitter reduction. There is a front panel switch to disable the SRC for cases where lower latency is required. The system is built so that the converters and the interface can be upgraded as the technology changes. The standard interface supports AES single wire to 192KHz, ADAT, and S/MUX to 96K. The converters can also be independently operated, even at different sample rates.

Egret is built so that the stereo and cue buses can be chained together to create a many input system. With a special cable Egret's bus can also be tied to a Crane Song SPIDER as a way to sum additional analogue inputs while working in a mix mode.

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