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DDP stands for Dynamic Drive Pool, a pool of storage than be created as either logical or virtual drives. The drives can then be dynamically enlarged within its web-based interface. As one of the leading shared storage solutions for the A/V market, the DDP represents a cost effective solution offering:

  • Superior speed and functionality - SAN speed with NAS functionality
  • Unique project and file level sharing - All video, film and audio post production applications can share and exchange project and media data
  • Easy to install, maintain and operate - One single box using standard Ethernet does it all
  • Cost-saving solution - Standard Ethernet instead of fibre channel means lower storage server costs due to very effective bandwidth usage

The Technology behind the DDP

The DDP is a storage server, available in a variety of sizes, that connects to standard Ethernet providing high bandwidth project and file level based sharing. At the heart of the  Dynamic Drive Pool is Ardis Technologies' AVFS/iSCSI (SCSI over Ethernet) system, which combines the performance benefits of the iSCSI SAN protocol while maintaining the NAS intelligence using a single Ethernet network. AVFS is the metadata controller responsible for managing access on the ethernet SAN, providing simultaneous read and write access for all users. 

Applications supported include Avid, Apple, Adobe, Autodesk, Digital Vision, Grass Valley, Resolve, DVS, Digidesign, Nuendo, Sequoia, Fairlight and many more.  The result is sustained data rates 2-3 times higher then regular NAS systems.

Version 3 software

The current v3 software has seen the arrival of an exciting new web-based interface, allowing a simplified approach to the DDP's configuration. Furthermore, a wealth of new features have been implemented, such as :

  • FolderVolumes - the creation of  folders that behave like volumes.
  • The support of SMB - a network protocol that allows remote computers to be configured to access the DDP, without the need to install DDP's drivers.
  • Bandwidth limiting - be selective which workstations require the most or least bandwidth. 
  • Implemention of backup software - the integration of  Archiware's P5 backup software provides a professional backup/restore solution than can be accessed from the click of an icon. The software allows for backup to LTO using an optional single tape drive. An unlimited number of tapes can be written. P5 Backup keeps track of all tapes and files written. P5s Backup catalog can be searched and browsed using a web browser. Note: The connection of an LTO drive requires and additional SAS card that must be installed into the DDP. This card can be ordered along with the DDP or retrofitted at a later date.

Benefits of the AVFS

  • 3 times faster than traditional NFS and SMB/CIFS
  •  runs over existing Ethernet infrastructure
  •  transparent to users and applications
  •  project and File Level based Sharing
  •  Windows, Mac OSX and Linux client support
  •  clients can use either NFS, SMB/CIFS or AVFS access
  •  Storage servers support more clients, users and applications than with NFS or SMB/CIFS
  • Typical SAN setup

The DDP16D is suitable for a minimum of: 

  • 8 workstations using SDI, ProRes or DNxHD as video format.
  • 20 workstations using multiple streams of lower res formats such as DV25, DV50, XDCAM HD, DVCPro HD and others. 
  • 6 audio workstations using each 25 tracks of audio, each with proxy or low res video.
  • 1 workstation performing color correction or other manipulations of 2K streams.


  • Storage NOT included within the base system. Please select from the range of options. The DDP16D Base system contains 8 drive bays for storage options.
  • The DDP16D Base system is equipped with raidcard(s) for internal usage and dual on board 1GbE ethernet. DDPHead has an internal raid card and 1x EX card. Other additional ethernet ports are available. 
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Storage Options available

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