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The standalone DDPs are modular Ethernet SAN Shared Storage Servers (2U, 3U, 4U and 8U) in a chassis with a built-in metadata controller.

Storage is added in the form of Enterprise HD and SSD packs can be configured in Raid 5 or 6. A hybrid DDP includes both HD and SSD packs, with different capacities if required. DDPs can come partially populated to enable future storage expansion.

DDP conceptionally works with one virtual volume/Filesystem which holds folders with volume properties. These are known as Folder Volumes, and its data is stored in Data Locations.

Quotas can be assigned to Folder Volumes to manage capacity, and Data Locations can be assigned to Folder Volumes. The DDP's propprietory Balance mode allows intelligent handling of media ditribution, such as the enabling SSD caching, thus optimizing access speed of data. 

When storage is retrospectively added, data will be redistributed automatically. The arrival of DDP's V5 software now allows additional DDPs to be integrated on the fly. 

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